Every little girl dreams of their wedding day, right? For me, I didn’t start dreaming of my wedding until I found the person I wanted to marry.
My wedding goals:
1. Get married
2. No stress

What NOT to do when getting married!

Written by Steph

Every little girl dreams of their wedding day, right? For me, I didn’t start dreaming of my wedding until I found the person I wanted to marry. Maybe I was too much of a realist… When it came time to plan my own, I dreamed of white lights and my favourite people. Shooting weddings has taught me many things; one of which is that when the day comes, the planning is over. You need to embrace every moment of the day!

If you know me, you’ll know that I am an organizational beast, I pretty much always carry two binders with me, a laptop, phone and a plethora of post-its and pens. So it should come as no surprise that our wedding had its own binder to keep track of everything. I spent a long time planning the timeline of my day to ensure I was not rushed. The last thing I wanted was to be rushed, I wanted to take my time and enjoy the day.

My wedding goals:
1. Get married
2. No stress

As long as these two things happened, I would be happy [Spoiler alert — I’m very happy].
Now, this brings me to the fun part of the story, the events that led up to the “happily ever after” and I’m going for list form because these small stories just make everything great.
These stories are going to be with us forever.


Event: Two weeks before the wedding, one of my bridesmaids found out she had to attend a provincial competition for curling. …wait for it… ON MY WEDDING DAY!
[No bridezilla here, I wished her luck and we’re still good friends!]

Event: The day before the wedding, we went to the venue to set up. I intended to have a few people come help but things happen and I was left to find some extra bodies.

Event: I’m celiac and this means I am VERY careful about what my food comes in contact with. My brother Sean took charge of SANITIZING the entire kitchen to be gluten free.. While cleaning, the power went out (it came back within 30 minutes but that scary).

Event: While sanitizing the kitchen… My brother suddenly realized the water wasn’t running in the building.

Event: Our wedding was in December and we quickly realized the heat was NOT working. [ They came and fixed this and the water pretty quick…]

Event: A hammer fell off the top of a ladder and hit just under my eye with less than 24 hours until the wedding. [This is a long story but the irony is that I was VERY diligent on the safety precaution with this hammer but after two hours of ANNOUCING each time as I was handing it down to my cousin before getting down the ladder, I slipped up and forgot..]

Event: While setting up tables, I jammed my hand in the metal bracket.


Event: My best friend who came all the way from Germany had an incident with his suit and had to get to a dry cleaner the day before. The only one that could clean it within 24 hours was about 30 minutes away. For this he had to miss our morning race “The Santa Shuffle”.

Event: After the race [which my brother Scott won first place in!!] I had organized a breakfast at the venue. What I didn’t know was that everyone was waiting for ME to get there before eating. So, in the spirit of enjoying my day and taking my time… I took my sweet time and we even had our picture taken with the REAL Santa claus! …Eventually I got some calls asking where we were.

Event: During the breakfast we found out that we had a printing error… Our wedding invitations stated the wedding started at 7:30 PM but the website said 7:00 PM.

Event: The cake… I’m going to save that one for another post!

The thing is, none of these ruined my day; not even a little. I didn’t even stress out, I stayed calm and enjoyed the day. To me, all of these are just “great” stories that lead up to marrying Allan. You need to be flexible in life and expect setbacks. Don’t panic when these happen, let them challenge you!