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I'm excited to share with you, behind the scenes, never-before seen, outtakes from when I did my promo video! I think it's best called a "gag reel" based on the amount of laughing I did! Let me know what you think!!

My image made it in to PhotoEd for Holland College's new full page ad!
The image came from a session we did for a segment called "Laura goes to College", a collaboration with Hot 105.5 FM and Holland College.

I am impatiently recovering from an ankle injury and although it doesn't affect my photography it has prevented me from running in my usual series of races. Fortunately, I was so busy with events and portraits that it wasn't as noticeable as I expected.

We are starting renovations on our new studio on July 1st and expect to be functional later in the month. The new space is large with high ceilings, a set of beautiful large windows providing ample sunlight and of course, lots of storage for my props!