A little about me

I am a professional photographer, a diploma graduate from Photography and Digital Imaging at Holland College but I also hold a strong passion for teaching.

You’ll notice that in studio I take a clean approach to my sessions (except in the photo above — heh) and outdoors I like to enhance the location aspect. Don’t be fooled by my personal style, specializing in children and family photography means that I am not afraid to get messy. Full of energy, I gather inspiration from everyone I meet.

Who am I?
I’m fun, I’m silly, I’m sometimes awkward and when needed, I’m loud. I’m a natural redhead with a calm, do-not-panic attitude. I’m an aunt, a wife and a best friend. I love coffee, I love running, I love the colour pink and I love glitter! I sing the words all wrong —on purpose! I’m all these things and so much more, I’m an investment in your memories, your loved ones, your moments.

When you hire me, you hire a professional who CARES about  you.
You hire someone who wants you to enjoy your session, enjoy the moment because these photos are moments. Moments are our memories!  Someone who is going to spend your session working hard to capture as many moments as possible.

When you hire me, you get a friend, someone who isn’t afraid to quack like a duck if it is going to help get a smile from your little one.

Interested in finding out if I’m the right fit for you? Why not reach out and we can grab a cup of coffee (or a glass of whiskey — I know a place!)

Other things about me?

My spare time is spent with my two nieces, voluteering in my community and teaching beginner running programs.

Five fun facts?
1. I still shoot film in my spare time.
2. I have two cats… Tom and Jerry.
3. I am a huge Montreal Canadiens hockey fan. #GoHabsGo
4. I’m Celiac (an auto-immune disease that prevents me from digesting gluten).
5. I strongly believe in professionally printed media and offer this service to all of my clients.

Interested in hearing more about my photography?
Watch this short interview:

You may also like to see the outtake video from this!